Who Kicks My Butt?

My Trainers

My Trainers have helped me tear down obstacles of the mind and body, I wouldn’t be where I am today without each one of them.These trainers have helped me to be the woman that I am today. They taught me that  wellness unlike projects has no end date, its about persistence and strong will to focus on goals.

Andrae Satterswaite


Andrae is a certified personal  trainer and owner of Sure Shape Fitness with over 10 years experience in natural pain relief, exercise, nutrition, stretching and mental awareness. Andrae is my first trainer, he broke my gym phobia. He has passion for applying his experience to helping clients develop lean muscle and healthy joints.What I appreciate the most from him is muscle recovery techniques, assisted personal training and specific deep tissue massage. He approaches his own training with patience, resolve and brings that same attitude to his clients.

Roshanda Robinson

Roshanda the founder of RoKPerfomance  has been a certified personal trainer for 16 years. She is a former athlete and a national record holder for junior javelin in the Bahamas for seven years. Roshanda played basketball for the Bahamian National Women’s team and the University of Prince Edward Island Panthers, and has also been on the Bahamian National Track and Field and softball team.
Roshanda has worked with a wide range of athletes – from professional athletes on the national level like Joel Ward (NHL player) and Joel Stubbs (Professional Bodybuilder) to those in elementary school. She brings a determined, but encouraging energy to all her clients and classes. Its an honor for me to train with Roshanda and be pushed to the limits.

Sgt Tony “A”


Sgt Tony “A” was in the Marine Corps as a Drill Instructor for years. Tony has worked as a Personal Trainer and Boot Camp Instructor in a variety of fitness centers across North America over the last decade in New York City, Chicago, Miami and most recently an eight month stint in Hawaii training U.S. forces and dependents. Tony brought his passion, intense, one-of-a-kind energy and unique style of training to Toronto.

I have been training with Sgt Tony “A” for 5 years. He is an exceptional and dynamic leader who is dedicated to help ensure each member reaches their personal fitness goals. He will put you through your paces and make you challenge yourself, while at the same time making sure you have a lot of fun while you are at it. Tony couples his tactical training skills with his extensive knowledge of health and fitness to bring you one of the most fun, intense, challenging and rewarding training systems in the fitness industry.

Tony is extremely creative in his classes and no two classes will ever be the same. Sgt Tony “A”  is the co-founder of Fit Factory Fitness, founder and designer of an extreme obstacle course The O Course.
 Kurt Gordon
Kurt is extremely passionate about fitness and health and his mission is to motivate and encourage individuals towards a more positive, healthy, active lifestyle by raising awareness on the importance of physical health. Upon attaining certified training certification, Kurt began personal training as a hobby, gaining the encouragement and respect from his clients and colleagues. He currently trains at Fit Factory Fitness and is a personal trainer at Truk Therapy. I appreciate Kurt’s motivation and push, he trains alongside you.  On track he will speed up and catch up, I never feel like I’m working out alone.

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