How Regular Exercise Improves Productivity in the Work Place


Regular exercise improves overall wellbeing, it makes us happier, but how can it make us more productive? Here is how working out has helped me  consistently do to my job better and stay focused.

Reduces absenteeism: Regular exercise keeps people healthy, and they become less vulnerable to common illnesses; hence they spend more hours at work.

Job satisfaction: Studies have shown that the happy, healthy and calm individuals are more energetic, productive and are more satisfied with their jobs.

Reduces stress: It’s sad that one of the leading causes of absenteeism at work is stress and depression, particularly if one is working in a high-pressure business environment.  Investopedia study shows that one of the most common reasons why people go to the gym is to relieve stress along with weight loss and general fitness. Exercising raises heart rate, improves blood flow and releases stress. It also produces hormones like noradrenaline in the body that helps in proper brain functioning, which is also a mood enhancer.

Decrease health care costs: Most companies consider healthcare provision more important in the employment contract. They believe the employees who exercise on a regular basis save them major costs especially the medical costs.

Increase brain power: Harvard Business Review study show that excerise increases employee attendance and productivity. Workouts help produce certain chemicals required by the brain to perform certain functions such as memory, multi-tasking and problem solving.

 Motivation: Consistent exercise keeps employees energetic, motivated and happy when they are at work. Employees with enhanced energy, improve brain function and more sleep leads towards better overall performance. Some studies have also proven  that there’s a connection between productivity and happiness; happier people are 12 % more productive.

Better sleep: Sleep is another key factor that leads to a happy, healthy and productive life. Various researchers have proven that deep sleep helps fend off stress, depression, and sickness. Several studies demonstrate that exercise is helpful in stabilizing sleep patterns. 


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