The Ease up

I felt like this post wad talking to me!!!

Keeping you fit mentally, physically, spiritually

How to fight for your fitness goals when everyone else is slowing down.

Sometimes our own success can sabotage our goals. Have you ever made a fitness and new year’s resolution, went to the gym regularly and as soon as summer hits you start to take it easy? A challenge we all face is how to continue to put in work when it feels like we have already accomplished so much.

Many people are often surprised by how much I’ve improved in my fitness ability. As a naturally bigger man, I’m often overlooked as potential fitness peer or even a competitor.  Gym attendance during the summer is usually the lowest and what most people don’t realize is that while they are on the patio I continue to put in the work. Success is rarely accidental and I use the time when everyone else slows down, to continue to fight.  Here…

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