Turn your next walk, run or cycle into  a fundraiser for your favorite charity!

Looking for a fun way to help the cause you love? Be it be your morning walk around the block, your walk with your dog or a big cross country walk, you can make your next steps count for a cause you love while burning calories. https://youtu.be/t1P5VsqH4V8 In the greater Toronto area there are a [...]

The Ease up

I felt like this post wad talking to me!!!

Keeping you fit mentally, physically, spiritually

How to fight for your fitness goals when everyone else is slowing down.

Sometimes our own success can sabotage our goals. Have you ever made a fitness and new year’s resolution, went to the gym regularly and as soon as summer hits you start to take it easy? A challenge we all face is how to continue to put in work when it feels like we have already accomplished so much.

Many people are often surprised by how much I’ve improved in my fitness ability. As a naturally bigger man, I’m often overlooked as potential fitness peer or even a competitor.  Gym attendance during the summer is usually the lowest and what most people don’t realize is that while they are on the patio I continue to put in the work. Success is rarely accidental and I use the time when everyone else slows down, to continue to fight.  Here…

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How I burnt thousands of calories while vacationing!!!

For most people, vacation eating attitude typically means indulging in the moment and worrying about the consequences later! Studies found that people who take one to three week vacations put on nearly a pound during their trip, while others gain as many as seven pounds. I prefer travelling vacations to stay-cations, and I wish I [...]

Say Good bye to the old excuse ‘Healthy eating is expensive’

I can confidently call my food choices healthy, at least most of the time but I'm also a cheapskate at heart. Here is how I eat healthy for less: Dont's skip breakfast: Starting the day off right is key to eating healthy all day long. So what makes the best breakfast? Some studies found consuming protein [...]

Booze Free Drinks That Will Keep You Hydrated This Summer

Nothing beats beautiful summer days, sitting out by the pool with a beer or cocktail!! I'm going share with you some delicious non-alcoholic drinks on hand that booze won't be tempting. Standards like lemonade and iced tea get most of us through hot summer days however I have been trying out some of Rabi Abonour’s [...]

How Regular Exercise Improves Productivity in the Work Place

Regular exercise improves overall wellbeing, it makes us happier, but how can it make us more productive? Here is how working out has helped me  consistently do to my job better and stay focused. Reduces absenteeism: Regular exercise keeps people healthy, and they become less vulnerable to common illnesses; hence they spend more hours at work. Job [...]