Turn your next walk, run or cycle into  a fundraiser for your favorite charity!

Looking for a fun way to help the cause you love? Be it be your morning walk around the block, your walk with your dog or a big cross country walk, you can make your next steps count for a cause you love while burning calories.

In the greater Toronto area there are a lot of events for a good cause. This past weekend I participated in The O Course 2017 Charity Series launch in support of True Patriot Love Foundation! The O Course is an EXTREME Obstacle Course Workout Designed by U.S. Marine Drill Instructor Sgt. Tony A. It consisted of 18 obstacles and 20 laps around the stadium.


Walks, runs, obstacle courses are a great way to build strength, burn calories and raise funds while having fun. Participating in these events highlights your fundraising journey and shows your supporters  how much effort you are giving to the cause that matters to you.

There are a lot of upcoming events in Toronto Fundraising Run/Walks

Here are some benefits of Obstacle Courses


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