How I burnt thousands of calories while vacationing!!!

For most people, vacation eating attitude typically means indulging in the moment and worrying about the consequences later! Studies found that people who take one to three week vacations put on nearly a pound during their trip, while others gain as many as seven pounds.

I prefer travelling vacations to stay-cations, and I wish I could travel more! One of the things I’ve realized is that you see more of the place by walking especially when visiting European countries. Did you know that steady walking burns more calories?

Most recently I visited Greece, it boasts of thousands islands throughout. Greece’s mainland is located at the southernmost tip of the Balkan Peninsula and is surrounded on the north by Albania, the Republic of Macedonia and Bulgaria; to the east by the Aegean Sea and Turkey, to the south by the Mediterranean Sea and to the west by the Ionian Sea and Italy.


Most tours include walking due to ancient landmarks. Athens retains landmarks including the 5th-century B.C. Acropolis citadel with the Parthenon temple.

Athens   20170702_204606

The Athens tour involves visiting the monuments, museum and it can last up to 90 minutes. Studies show that one can burn approximately 244 calories with a minutes walk.

Walk to Syntagma Square, and see the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the Greek Parliament, where the Changing of the Guard ceremony takes place. Next, stretch your legs around the National Gardens, and admire sights like Zappeion Congress Hall, Hadrian’s Arch and the Temple of Olympian Zeus. Continue through the paved streets of Plaka,  the heart of Athens’ Old Town.



Mykonos is one of the best known and most visited of all Greek islands.The best way to explore and capture the photogenic maze of streets, alleys, the iconic windmills, Little Venice, and colourful balconied houses jutting out over the sea is by walking. Despite all the development, it’s still possible to head off to the hills for some peace and quiet, or to explore the coast on foot.

Santorini-Volcano Tour


The volcano boat trip is a great opportunity to do some hiking while going up to see the crater. All you need is comfortable shoes (running shoes) and a bottle of water, everything else will be a burden. The path can be a bit difficult for those who are not used to hiking, that’s why many return before the end. It has rocks and dirt, but it is also very interesting since your guide will provide you with unknown information about the volcano.

Climb up to Fira


Donkeys used to be the only way to travel from the Old Port to Fira, but now there is the option of taking the cable-car up the steep incline or climbing the 588 steps by foot. Walking up the steps is quite a hike, but well worth it for the views on the way. Walkers follow the same path as the donkeys, so watch out underfoot! The view offered while hiking is excellent and the caldera looks absolutely magical. It can be extremely hot, hiking during the sunset or early in the morning when the sun isn’t yet so hot is best.

Eating like a Greek is not only healthy; it’s also delicious.  A cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet is an emphasis on fresh fruits and vegetables. Vegetables are a big part of every meal, and they are prepared in a healthy way. Served raw in a salad or roasted with olive oil, rather than fried. I was really sad to see the end of this paradise. My legs are very toned from all the walking, I will definitely go back!!!


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